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Biomedical industry: exploring the path from big country to powerful country


The new scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution are forming a great opportunity, and will have a profound impact on the whole world. Seize the opportunity, innovation and development, to achieve the low end of the industrial chain to the high end of technological innovation, is the inevitable choice at the moment.

However, when we rationally design how to achieve this goal, we will find that the reality is not optimistic. Under the traditional system, the concept, technology, personnel, equipment, market...... Many resources are cured, depreciation, depreciation. Only innovation, with the wisdom of the top-level design of the gradual establishment of the new market resource allocation of the new normal, so that we can get rid of bondage, spanning development. New drug Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College Beijing Collaborative Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the xiechuang Center), is based on this thinking, the integration of university scientific research institutes, famous hospitals, leading enterprises, risk fund, set up a new drug of high-end industrial cluster cooperative, development opportunities for the global pharmaceutical industry in our country, realize the transition from big country to pharmaceutical pharmaceutical powerhouse, is an important exploration. The thinking and exploration of the co creation center, for our country to adjust the industrial structure, out of China's knowledge economy upgrade version of the road of exploration, quite reference.

Opportunities and challenges of great powers

As early as the beginning of this century, the international authoritative advisory body that has published research report pointed out that the next 30 years will be the golden age of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, China will be the largest contribution to the country.

Indeed, the growth of population and the aging of the population have led to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in the world. According to statistics, from 2011 to 2014, the annual growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry in the world has remained at the rate of 14%. In China, as the world's largest emerging pharmaceutical market, its market share has become the second largest market after the United States, which is the largest market in the world, and the market share of the global pharmaceutical industry in China has been increased by an average of second. The next 10 years, China's pharmaceutical market will continue to grow at a rate of two. In the total output value of China's pharmaceutical industry, the contribution of domestic demand is close to 90%, which is the main driving force for the growth of China's industry. Under the background of strengthening the social security and starting the new medical reform, the government investment is very important to the promotion of the domestic medical demand. In recent years, the Chinese government for the medical and health investment has been rising sharply, "2009 - 2011 deepening medical and health system reform plan" clearly put forward 3 years 850 billion investment plan, directly promoted the expansion of the scale of the pharmaceutical industry.

The rapid growth of per capita GDP also provides a broad space for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. With the increase of per capita income and the enhancement of health consciousness in the future, the per capita medical expenditure of our country will continue to increase, and further promote the growth of the effective demand of the medical market.

However, it is disturbing that the huge market demand has not led to the development of China's industry. There are three main reasons for consensus, one of which is the increasing competition among international enterprises. In recent years, the international large pharmaceutical companies in the developed countries, the slowdown in the case of pharmaceutical consumption, without exception, the emerging market countries as the focus of the development of the region, the focus of China's work is the most important. The large international pharmaceutical enterprises through independent production base construction, the establishment of research institutions and domestic enterprises and joint ventures and other means of market development in the domestic and foreign research and development institutions; in China has started the development of drugs specifically for the domestic population, which is different from the former just Chinese as R & D and production base of low cost. As a result, the domestic pharmaceutical companies are facing more intense international pharmaceutical companies and targeted competition. Second, the main strength of innovation is not strong, the size of the enterprise is generally small, low industrial concentration, the original R & D investment is very small, weak innovation ability. Third, the most important point, China's pharmaceutical industry and the field of collaborative innovation has not yet formed. For a long time, the barriers of institutional mechanisms have led to the phenomenon of innovation resources and elements being separated, which has affected the innovation of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Obviously, the lack of source innovation support environment, it is difficult to have the power and practice of innovation. As one of the world's largest pharmaceutical market, the lack of innovation we may lose a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution formed by the opportunity, even in a more intense international competition being marginalized, this is the one we have to face the challenge. The strong country is only one word, but shows great differences in the connotation, means that we explore the road of man road.

Collaborative Innovation: a dream team for the creation of new drugs in China

It is gratifying that, with 30 years of experience in reform and opening up, especially after China's accession to the WTO for more than 10 years of sustained rapid economic development, becoming the world's second largest economy. It also allows us to control the large capacity problem situation today. Take the initiative to change, dare involving rapids, has become a new trend of China.

3 years ago, a new drug R & D system aims to improve the collaborative innovation ideas gradually appear in the Beijing union system, a group of scientists, clinicians, drug evaluation experts, domestic pharmaceutical companies executives, venture capital experts continued into the grand blueprint, China Academy of medicine and drug research institute director Professor Jiang Jiandong told us.

Experts from the Institute of medicine from the field and industry system differences to find the answer, that the United States has long been able to lead the global high-end drug research and development, mainly rely on it