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HR concept

Based on reality, constantly updated ideas, and effectively change the concept of talent, establish a "useful" that talent point of view, a solid increase in the management of personnel and service levels. First, innovative organization and personnel management system. And actively explore the modern enterprise system to adapt to the employment mechanism, to create a full assessment system environment, the implementation of quantitative assessment and qualitative evaluation of the combination of the annual assessment system. According to the work objectives and job characteristics, to determine the quantitative and assessment indicators. Second, the establishment of personnel out of the mechanism, the plot to promote competition for posts, the elimination mechanism into the same height with the introduction of talent to do a good job, and the formation of the employer on the employment mechanism to stimulate talent to the progressive sense of progress, from another side of the human Capital appreciation. Third, establish and improve the corresponding supporting training system. To take a combination of training, training, and encourage the staff training and self-study, and comprehensively improve the quality of staff, creating learning-oriented enterprises.

    1, to create a strong corporate culture, open business and staff of the mind of the Covenant;

    2, fully respect the value of staff to train to promote the development of all-round staff;

    3, actively expand the incentive mechanism, and gradually meet the individual needs of employees.